An unofficial charity fan artbook dedicated to Dramione!


Enchanted: A Dramione Artbook is an unofficial artbook (i.e. fanzine) dedicated to the relationship between Hermione Granger and Draco Malfoy.This project will be a charity perfect bound book (both digital and physical) and consist of artwork from around 35 artists*.This project strongly condemns JKR's transphobic views and comments. Proceeds will be donated to Mermaids, a charity dedicated to supporting trans and gender-diverse kids, young people and their families.

*the number of expected artists is subject to change depending on the interest check and number of interested artists


Ridasart (she/her): Head, Graphics, and Finance Mod
twitter, tumblr
Bio: I'm a grad student who likes to draw (and occasionally, write) in my spare time.Favourite thing about Dramione: They are a classic example of both star-crossed lovers and enemies-to-lovers—two tropes that I love! I also love the potential for growth and redemption.Zine/Fandom Events: Homeward: A SasuSaku Blank Period Zine: Co-head, Org and Art Mod, Legacies: A Batgirl Zine: Merch Artist, Beyond a Bond: An InoShikaCho Zine: Page Artist, Beginnings with SasuSaku Zine: Finance Mod & Page Artist

Adrigasset (she/her): Layout Mod
twitter, instagram
Bio: I am a 3D animator most of the time, but I like to play videogames and draw art in my spare time.Favourite thing about Dramione: The way both characters challenge each other in my headcanons.Zine/Fandom Events: Legacy: An Uchiha Family Zine: Page Artist, Beginnings with SasuSaku: Artist & Graphics Mod

Aziantearz (she/her): Art, Production, and Shipping Mod
twitter, carrd
Bio: I’m a mama of twin girls, and I love to draw fanart and write fanfiction for fun. I run a small etsy shop selling stickers, charms and enamel pins. It's been a dream to see a Dramione fanzine and I'm so estatic to be able to join the team and project!Favourite thing about Dramione: They are complete opposites, yet they compliment each other in ways that Hermione is the light in Draco's dark world. I also really love the enemy-to-lovers trope.Zine/Fandom Events: Letters from the Sky: A Zack & Aerith Fanzine: Finance/Production Mod, Apricity: A Thomayaka Fanzine: Art & Production Mod, Zutara Wedding Zine: Shipping Mod, Other experience:

Erin Clements (she/her): General and Social Media Mod
twitter, instagram
Bio: I'm 25, from Ohio, and work in the publishing industry. I've casually shipped Dramione my entire life but started getting involved in the fandom more directly a year or so ago. I'm super excited to lend my skills to this project, and can't wait to see how it grows!Favourite thing about Dramione: My favorite thing about Dramione is the way they are pre-destined to come together regardless of the circumstances. Whether it's a dark AU, practically canon compliant, a canon re-write, or even a muggle AU, they are always drawn to one another and fascinated by one another. Their banter is also always top tier!Zine/Fandom Events: I was the senior community manager for John Green's charity book club project, Life's Library, for three years, and I've been a mod/community builder on a John Green fan Discord server since 2017!


Interest Check and Mod AppsAugust 5-30
Artist ApplicationsSeptember 1-25
Application ResultsSeptember 30
Discord Check-in and Pitches DueOctober 3
Check-in 1October 24
Check-in 2November 14
Final SubmissionsDecember 12
Pre-ordersJanuary 2023
Production and ShippingEstimated February - March, 2023

The schedule above may be subject to change.


What is this project?
⬩ This is an unofficial fan artbook that will feature a collection of work from Dramione artists! The proceeds from this project will be donated to the charity Mermaids.
Will the artbook be digital or physical?
⬩ The artbook will be both digital and physical.
What is the rating of this project?
⬩ We would like to keep this artbook accessible for everyone, artists and buyers alike, so it will be rated SFW/PG-13.
What are the requirements/guidelines to apply to be an artist?
⬩ Anyone 16+ can apply! Please see our Artist Guidelines for more information.
How many artists will be involved?
⬩ The number is subject to change but we are hoping to have around 25 page artists, 5-6 comic artists and 2-3 merch artists.
How long will artists have to create their piece?
⬩ Artists will have around 9 weeks to create their piece for the artbook.
How will artists be compensated for their participation?
⬩ If the artbook breaks even, all artists will receive a physical artbook with free shipping. A digital version will be sent to contributors regardless of sales. After production costs and contributors' copies, all proceeds will be donated to our chosen charity. However, in case we do not break even, artists will be allowed to buy the book at production cost.
Do artists retain the rights to their work?
⬩ Yes, artists will retain full rights and ownership to the pieces they create for this artbook. However, we ask that artists not share or post their full pieces until 2 weeks after our shipping period ends. Artists will be able to share promotional previews of their work during our pre-order period.
Can I include other characters/ships in my piece?
⬩ Yes, artists can include other characters/ships but they must be kept to a minimum. The main focus of all the pieces should be Dramione.
Where will we be able to pre-order the artbook?
⬩ We will open an online store when pre-orders are about to open!
Will this project be shipped internationally?
⬩ Yes, this project will be shipped internationally.


APPLICATION REQUIREMENTS⬩ Please create a portfolio of 5-6 samples of your best completed artworks/merch on Google Drive and make sure all the links are accessible.
⬩ For page and comic artists, at least one of these pieces should be a fully rendered illustration featuring a complete background (i.e. not just flat colours or simple graphics).
⬩ If you are applying as a comic artist, at least one of your samples should be a comic.
⬩ Traditional artwork is accepted as long as it is scanned in high quality.
⬩ Dramione samples are not required but highly encouraged.
⬩ Please only include SFW samples in your portfolio.
⬩ We will evaluate the samples based on composition, anatomy and proportions, the use of colours and light, backgrounds, style and the overall atmosphere of the piece.
ARTIST EXPECTATIONS⬩ All artists are expected to create a new and original piece of Dramione fanart.
⬩ The cover artist is expected to illustrate the outside of the book, which includes the front and back cover, and the spine.
Page artists are expected to create either a single page (portrait) or a double page (spread) illustration.
Comic artists are expected to create either a two-page or four-page comic.
Merch artists are expected to create 1-2 merch items.